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Welcome to My Asian Stuff's Makeup Store! Here you will find some of Japan and Korea's bestselling cosmetics brands at very attractive prices! Aside from BB creams from popular brands, we also sell cosmetics and skincare from brands such as Majolica Majorca, Etude House and Kate (coming soon).

All our products are ordered from our supplier after you have made your payment to us. You can expect to receive your products approximately 14 - 21 days after we have placed our order. To order, check out our order form on our main page, and send us an email! It's very simple! Please note that we only accept bank transfer as our preferred method of payment - at the moment, we do not accept PayPal.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Majolica Majorca - Japan's #1 Premium Makeup Brand


My Asian Stuff is proud to bring you Majolica Majorca's best-selling mascara products, used by Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki, the #1 selling mascara brand in Japan!


shiseido-majolica-marjoca-lash-expander-mascara majeye000-LashExpanderNeo

Shiseido Lash Expander is a very popular mascara in Japan - with remarkable, "20x Dolly-like Lash" results. With specially formulated lengthening fiber and unique comb-like applicator, this mascara lengthens your lashes up to 15 times longer. It is waterproof and sweatproof. Used by Japan's #1 pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki, isn't it time you tried it for yourself?

Using the comb-like brush, apply to lashes by stroking upwards from roots to tips, layering repeatedly until the desired length or effect is achieved.
Be sure to dip the brush into the tube between layers for a fresh coat of length-building fibers, every time.
Apply in zig-zag directions to create volume-up or thickening result.
Remove by eye makeup remover.

The Shiseido Majolica Lash Expander NEO was launched as a sequel to the 15X Lash Expander Mascara. This new and improved mascara was amongst one of the new products for Chapter 16 (Beauty in Black series) from the premium Shiseido Majolica line. This new mascara offers 20% more wax fiber to create more density to your lashes, volumises your lashes by 120%.

Unlike other blogshops, we are not charging extra for this new and improved version. Get this best-selling, amazing new mascara for the promotional price of only:

AUD$ 39 - hurry, promotional price ends soon!


lash enamel neo promo majeye002-LashEnamelGlamour Neo

For lashes that glow with glamour, this is it. Voluminous extreme makeover mascara.

Thicker, denser, glossier. AND with just one coat. The thick fluid wraps right around each individual eyelash, no matter how thin. Lasting glossy and thick lashes, waterproof even when you are moved to tears, your perfect lashes still maintained.

AUD$ 39 - hurry promotional price ends soon!


lash gorgeous wing promo majeye011-LashGorgeousWing

Coat lashes, for lush, lavish, fluttery effect!
New! Create feathery lashes with volume!
A unique mascara combining an abundance of two types of fibers - long and short.

Fills in space even between your lashes - feel your lashes grow thicker and longer with every additional coat. Eyelashes that look like they are about to take flight at any moment!

Waterproof- will not give in to tears.

The bristles of the brush are widely spaced to hold lots of fibers. Instead of getting tangled up in the bristles, the fibers come right off the brush and onto your lashes.

winglashyl7 wingbrushvf8

Only available in Blackest Black, BK999.

AUD$ 39 - hurry, promotional price ends soon!


lash base promo majeye009-LashBase

Before your mascara: Strong hold mascara base.
For a higher level of perfection, eyelash correction base.
Fine fibers are coated with a smooth fluid, making each strand one size thicker and longer. Helps to cling to the topmost coat of mascara and keep your lashes curl even after remove make up.

AUD$ 39 - hurry promotional price ends soon!

Please note! All products will be ordered from our supplier after you have made your payment to us. You can expect to receive your products about 14 - 21 days after we have placed our order. To order, email us at ask.asianstuff@gmail.com now!

In addition, if you are looking for any more Majolica Majorca products, we can source them for you! We have access to the whole range of products, so email us with any requests and we will do our best to fulfill your order :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BB Creams - Asia and the World's first All-In-One Cosmetic and Skincare Product

BB Creams (short for Blemish Balm creams) are Asia's latest makeup craze. BB Cream was originally developed by cosmetic surgeons for patients who have undergone laser skin surgery. Following the procedure, their facial skin would be extremely red, sensitive and peeling. However, because of the harsh ingredients found in traditional makeup such as foundations and concealers, these laser surgery patients could not use cosmetics to conceal the condition of their faces. BB Cream was developed as the answer to this problem. With the benefits of both makeup and skincare, it is suitable for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin who react to the chemicals found in traditional cosmetics.

BB cream works just like a foundation, evening out the skintone and giving a great amount of coverage, even on stubborn areas like dark undereye circles and pimples. However, instead of clogging your pores like a traditional foundation, BB Cream contains a cocktail of ingredients which heals, nourishes and protects your skin. Depending on which brand you purchase, BB creams can also give you several additional benefits such as brightening, whitening, anti-ageing and acne-healing. All BB creams, however, share the same basic functions - they can all be used as a base for makeup, foundation, concealer and moisturizer all in one. Upon application, you will notice problems such acne, large pores, fine lines, dark circles, skin discolourations, scars and age spots virtually disappear while leaving your skin smooth, soft and moisturized!

In short,

BB Cream = Makeup Base + Foundation + Concealer + Sunblock + Moisturizer + Oil Control + Healing Properties (pore tightening, scar fading) + Additional Benefits (Anti-wrinkle, brightening)

The healing properties of BB Cream has so far been proven to be amazing. Check out the pictures below!

After a month or two of use, BB cream users all over the world have noticed an improvement in the condition of their skin, especially those who suffer from acne! Skin becomes much smoother, softer, and refined. Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself!


Etude House is Korea's Most Popular Cosmetic Brand! (KFDA approved and ISO 9001 certified)


Offers natural looking, medium coverage which nourishes, corrects skin imperfections and protects against sun damage. The Moist version is for dry skin, while the Pure version is for combination/oily skin. Please specify which version you would like when ordering.



Contains both UVA and UVB sun protection. Cucumber and Caviar extract provides moisture to the skin while Eucalyptus helps to soothe and cure breakout-prone skin.



Formulated especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it contains ingredients which will help to soothe and clarify the skin while providing excellent coverage. Includes a soft, high-quality foundation brush to help you acheive the smoothest application.

$AUD 45


One of Korea's fastest-growing and most popular skincare and makeup brands!


Skin-care and make-up in one, this cream leaves your skin feeling moisturized while it corrects your skin tone. Your complexion looks naturally air-brushed, clear and fresh! Rich with aloe, it is wonderful at soothing skin and calming inflammations or discolourations. This BB cream gives medium buildable coverage, and leaves a radiant, dewy finish. Suitable for acne prone or sensitive skin.

$AUD 37


A moisturizing base made with the essential ingredients of green tea, ginkgo leaf, Vitamin B and lecithin for nutritional benefits to the skin. Provides light to medium coverage. Suitable for all skin types.

$AUD 37


Functions as a make-up and skin-care in one. Acts as a foundation that covers blemishes and evens out skin tone. This BB cream contains powerful ingredients to aid in skin regeneration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and promote a smoother, more radiant complexion. Also has Whitening, Sun Protection and Anti-Ageing properties!

AUD$ 40

All three of these BB creams come in two shades. Shade 1 is for lighter skin tones, while Shade 2 is meant for darker complexions. Please specify which shade you would like when ordering.